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UGOLF Château de Raray



The Golf de Raray is an exceptional site marked by contrasts of light: The golf courses are built around a 17th century château listed as a historical monument, whose originality is that it has two monumental hunting enclosures with sculptures representing life-size hunting with hounds. Golfers have an 18-hole course in the forest, ranked among the best golf courses in Europe, a 9-hole open onto the countryside and a compact 9 holes designed for fast and efficient practice.

La Licorne 18-hole

The very English-style golf course has wide fairways with well-designed bunkers placed in strategic locations. Laid out within a centuries old forest, La Licorne is the perfect destination for all nature lovers who from green to green will most probably come across the discreet look of wild creatures admiring the golfers’ swings.

Le Daguet 9-hole

In the heart of the plain of the Valois Le Daguet offers wide views onto the surrounding countryside. A course lined with a wide variety of fruit trees.

Le Faon 9-hole

For the less experienced players or those keen to improve, Le FAON is a 9-hole pitch and putt - course, ideal for all players who want to take up the game or improve their play.

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