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Inatori Golf Club

Shizuoka, Shizuoka


  • 3337 Inatori, Higashiizu-cho
    Shizuoka, Shizuoka
  • Club Website

Inatori Golf Club is a gentle and exciting 36 hole course that is surrounded by rich nature, The Amagi Mountains to the north, and The Izu Nanami to the south. The Inatori Golf Club designs makes the best use of nature full of bright light - with the turf to the sea, subtle undulations, numerous bunkers and exquisite trees awaiting on the fairways.

Sea Course

Enjoy the unique scenery of Izu and the view of the sea with this exciting 9-hole course. The Sea Course has the largest fairway of the four courses and includes a vast 20,000 square meter pond.

Mountain Course

Natural ponds, undulating bunkers and fairways enhance the natural scenery while providing a challenge at the same time. Said to be the toughest course in Inatori, this 9-hole course requires various strategies and accurate shots.

Island Course

A skillful bunker and wind-sensitive course requires a high degree of strategy. There are many ups and downs and dog wrecking, making it difficult to decide the playing route, and “danger” and “reward” will coexist and will motivate players to challenge.

Forest Course

The Forest course is a course that is assimilated with the surrounding beautiful scenery. The fairway is surrounded by lush forests and uses natural undulations such as swells, depressions, and slopes in its modeling. It is made slightly tight overall and the green is relatively small, putting pressure on the player. The compact nature of the course will require players to have a high degree of accuracy

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